Monday, November 19, 2012

DIY Gourd Place Cards

Who's excited for Thanksgiving this week?! If you're the one hosting, you might be a little more stressed than excited. Making your table Thanksgiving ready can be a little overwhelming. But here's a super easy way to make your table festive and make your guests feel welcome without a lot of work - place cards made from gourds.

What you need:
  • gourds
  • a knife
  • sturdy paper
  • a decorative pen

All you need to do is take the knife and cut a slit on the top of the gourd that's about the length of your paper. You'll need to sort of wiggle the knife back and forth to make sure the slit is wide enough. Write your guests' names on the paper and insert them into each gourd and voila! Instant personalized table settings. If you don't necessarily want to make name cards you could even use this same method to specify "adult's table" and "kid's table" or maybe just one general "give thanks" decoration.

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